Module 2

Module 2:¬†“Communication Skills”
Developed by: 
Karen Edwards MD MPH, and Catherine Yankou MPH
With Review and Input By:
Adriane K Griffen MPH MCHES
Association of University Centers on Disabilities

Introduction to Module 2:
This module is designed to help LEND and UCEDD trainees increase knowledge and skills about communicating with people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) in the areas of: health care and wellness encounters with people with I/DD; universal design in written and electronic communication; language use to demonstrate respect; supporting self-determination in health; the use of technology to enable effective communication; communication with people with sensory challenges and language differences; and working with interpreters.

Click on a scenario to access the resources:
Scenario 1: Communication skills for working with people with I/DD in the context of health care and wellness encounters.
Scenario 2: Universal design in written and electronic communication with people with I/DD concerning health and wellness
Scenario 3: Language use to demonstrate respect
Scenario 4: Communication to support self-determination in health
Scenario 5: Use of technology to enable effective communication by and with people with I/DD
Scenario 6: Communication with people with sensory challenges such as hearing loss and visual impairment
Scenario 7: Language differences and working with interpreters